CEO's Desk

Short message from our CEO

Yuvraj Kumar Founder & CEO

Competent Aviation professional with over 10+ years of experience in aviation business and strategy


Welcome to Zukovsky Aviation!

With everything that transpired over the last 24 months, it is safe to assume that the world is readying for some big moves in 2018. Last year was evidence of how swiftly and globally change is taking place nowadays in the field of Aviation, and we must be ready to adapt our business models accordingly. So in addition to strengthening our existing businesses and remapping their portfolios, we shall also be following a broader, five-year growth trajectory, where our challenge is to build new earnings drivers for Zukovsky's presence in India and abroad; that will assure it of a very bright future. The strategy of bringing Zukovsky into life was to enable the use of dormant or under-served airports in India and to introduce a quality airline and an aviation business with efficient service.

That is where we believe Zukovsky Aviation fills the gap with its state-of-the-art, efficient aircrafts, and friendly service. Our clients come first; identifying their needs and wants is the driving force that pulls us towards our eagerness to deliver. Our proposed flight route includes destinations like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Cuddapah, Rajahmundry, Tirupati, Vishakhapatnam and Vijayawada airports. Our schedule is focused towards catering to your convenience, and our pricing is light on your wallet.

We are a family of aviation where we take pride in the services we provide to our customers. Aviation and MRO being our primary line of business (LoB); we also excel in the fields of Aviation Consulting, Design and Engineering sectors.

We at Zukovsky Aviation, would like to thank you for your continous support and encouragement, which is driving us with the same passion with which we started and we are still passionate about what we do!